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ENIRDELM Conference 2018
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The ENIRDELM conference takes place at the Meerminne, St-Jacobsstraat 2, Antwerp.


10.00–11.00 Board meeting

10.00–12.00 PhD Session (optional)

11.00–16.00 Registration at Meerminne

12.30         Field visits (optional) start at Meerminne

  • Primary education
    • De Dageraad
    • De Schatkist
    • Maria Boodschap
    • De Wereldreiziger
  • Secondary education
    • Royal Atheneum of Antwerp
    • Pius X-Institute
    • Lyceum Hardenvoort

16.00           START OF THE CONFERENCE at Meerminne: mystery tour

17.00-18.00  Introducing key note Jan Vanhoof at Felix Archief

Touching the untouchable. (Managing) teachers’ emotions and attitudes towards professional evaluation activities. 
What is needed to engage teacher teams in quality assurance activities (such as school self-evaluation, data informed decision making, follow up on school inspections)? Looking at policy measures one might think above all quality systems, structures, and instruments. Although partly through, this is only half the story. Without emotions and attitudes that support quality care systems, initiatives are deemed to function suboptimal. This raises questions about how to enjoy the power of combining being emotional intelligent, being goal/quality oriented and acting transformative in setting up evaluations as a principal. We draw on recent Flemish research to describe emotions and attitudes in diverse evaluation contexts. Afterwards, we take the current state of affairs as a starting point to present principles that can guide principal behavior in shaping teachers’ emotions/attitude towards professional evaluation.

18.00-19.30 Welcome reception



9.00  Welcome 
9.15  Keynote Geert Devos

Causes of well-being, stress and burnout of school leaders
In 2017 the Flemish government assigned a study on the stress and well-being of school leaders in primary and secondary education. Geert Devos presents the most important findings of this study and the policy recommendations that were made to the Flemish government. The study analyses the different dimensions of stress and burnout, and how these dimensions are related to different groups of school leaders: high performing school leaders, school leaders in schools with a high principal turnover and school leaders of schools with a disadvantaged student population. Causes of stress and well-being are identified and policy recommendations are made to increase the attractiveness of school leaders’ job.

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Parallel Session 1

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Newcomers' meeting 

14.00 Parallel session 2

15.30 Coffee break

16.00 Free afternoon: Exploring the city … Visiting … Networking….



9.00   Welcome 

9.15 Keynote Ferre Laevers

How are we doing - we, children, teachers, teams and parents?
An account of the contribution of the experiential approach to the view on quality in education.

Emotion – a most intriguing and legitimate entrance to reflect on the field of education. Taking emotions under consideration can no longer be discarded as ‘sentimental’. We know now for sure, that the quality of provision is highly dependent on how people feel. Since it’s origin in 1976, the Leuven project Experiential Education has taken this position in its exploration of the school context: getting as close as possible to how children, teachers, teams and parents experience the manifold situations in which they are interacting. In this contribution we describe how taking the perspective of the other generated concepts and instruments on quality assessment and improvement covering (1) the learning environment, (2) the process and (3) the outcome of education, (4) the conditions at the level of the school as organisation and (5) implications for teacher training.

10.30 Coffee break 1

11.00 Parallel session 3

12.30 Lunch 

13.30 Parallel session 4

14.30 "The year 8: wait and see" by Paul Mahieu

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Round table discussion and Plenary feedback 
         Election of new Board member
         Closing of ENIRDELM 2018
         ENIRDELM 2019: Conference announcement

17.00 Board meeting

19.30 Reception

20.00 ENIRDELM dinner at Horta

23.00 Party

1.00 End