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ENIRDELM Conference 2018
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The main theme for the 2018 conference is Leading in Emotion. The conference theme is related to the emotional and relational dimensions that are part of school leadership, but that often remain underexposed. Learning, leading and learning to lead are constantly in Emotion and not only influenced by structures and rules, but also by relational aspects, collaboration, motivation, trust, climate, culture, attitudes, (external) expectations, support, (shared) responsibilities, beliefs, emotions...

The theme is, as usually, deliberately broad to appeal to the full range of expertise and interests of network members, both academics and practitioners.

Possible approaches/connections to this theme can be :

  • learning is emotional:
    • motivation and self-regulation are key factors in the learning process…
    • well-being as a condition for learning
    • inclusion
    • care-taking
    • equity
    • ……
  • teaching is emotional:
    • building a positive class climate,
    • working with a group of students/learners,
    • engaging in a stimulating and supporting relationship with individual students and their context
    • inclusion
    • care-taking
    • staying motivated
    • work-live balance
    • ….
  • being a team member as a teacher is emotional:
    • the interpersonal relations (being part of the group, group loyalties, degree of influence, psychological safety…)
    • the dependence of the judgement of others (children, colleagues, parents) in being recognized as a competent teacher (structural vulnerability of the teacher)
  • being a school leader is emotional:
    • coping with different and often ambivalent expectations inside and outside the school (school development versus accountability),
    • responsabilty
    • tensions between questions related to equity, excellence, school effectiveness, diversity
    • motivate coworkers and staying motivated,
    • supporting teachers (individually /group), parents, children…
    • work-life balance,
    • ...

What are the consequences for the tasks and professional development of the school leader?

We encourage proposals focusing on the conference theme. What lessons can we learn from current practices in our countries and what do we need to do differently in order to meet the needs of our students, citizens and societies in general?

We hope you will all contribute to the discussion and debate around this topic and we look forward to a lively exchange of ideas in Antwerp.