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Educational in service training - VSKO
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Dear participant,

Thank you for your interest in our international courses. This form is the only way to subscribe. When you receive our confirmation, your registration is completed.

Kind regards,

The conference organisers

1. Surname:
2. (first) name (as mentioned on your passport):
3. Gender:
4. Date of birth:
5. Organisation (name and number for Flemish schools):
6.  Street and number:
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7. Postal code & city:
8. Country:
9. Function in the organisation / profession:
10. Contact e-mail:
11. Contact e-mail again for verification:
12. Name and address to be mentioned on the invoice:
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13. Special diet?:
13.a. If you have a special diet, please indicate which one::
13.b. If you have special requirements, please mention them here.:
14. Date of arrival:
15. Date of departure:
16. I want to stay in:
a single room
17. I confirm my registration. (Go to the top and press Save and close):
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